Porsche 356 Tool Kits
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Please note: other than tools on the "Wanted and For Sale/Trade" page, these tools are not for sale.

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C (1964-65) Contents:

Long slot screwdriver
Phillips tipped screwdriver
Tire gauge with case
Combination pliers
Open end wrenches, 8 x 9mm, 10 x 11mm, 12 x 14mm, 17 x 19mm
(possible variation: 8 x 9mm, 10 x 11mm, 12 x 13mm, 14 x 15mm, 17 x 19mm)
Generator pulley wrench
Spark plug wrench with bar
Wheel nut wrench/jack handle
Spare lug nut, fan belt

There is some debate on whether C kits originally had 5 wrenches. This combination is found in 911/912 kits, but could have been put into 356 kits as well. The standard head size for M8 nuts and bolts was 14mm throughout the 356 series, but changed to 13mm in the 911/912, so this tends to support 4 wrench configuration. However, the 5 wrench sizes did cover all the needed sizes for a 356. If you are the original owner of a 356 kit with 5 wrenches, please let me know!

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