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Important disclaimer: I am not an expert on 356 tools! I have collected information from multiple sources, including my own observations, and try to present it on this site in a coherent manner. There will always be variations and differences from what is presented here. This site should be considered a work in progress, and not a definitive statement on what is correct for 356 tool kits. Use this site at your own risk, and please tell me if you find errors or can contribute to the site.

Tool bags

Tool kits were provided in a roll-up type package. The earliest ones were made of canvas with a canvas strap. Beginning around 1953, a vinyl bag was provided. This type went through minor changes up to the C model, when a substantially different tool kit was introduced. Here is a summary of the major types, along with brief descriptions. Please keep in mind that the bags were not changed exactly at a model change. There may be overlap as a new design replaces an old one and the old inventories are used up.

Description Diagram of open bag
Please note: colors are approximate, and sizes shown are relative to each other and not drawn to scale. Not actual size!
Early Pre-A:

-eight pockets in main area, plus three in the upper flap
-may have been gray vinyl or red canvas
-belt may be fastened on opposite side! (compare photo at right to others on this page)

toolbag Pre-A 53.JPG (18779 bytes) 1955bag.JPG (184560 bytes) (click for larger image)
Late Pre-A:

-eight pockets
-pockets in upper flap deleted
-flap for holding the fan belt moved
-new flap for holding the tire gauge

toolbag Pre-A 55.JPG (18497 bytes) (click for larger image)
Early A:

-seven pockets - pocket second from right (hammer) deleted, as that tool not found in A tool kits
-vinyl has a fine criss-cross pattern
-may use two different shades of vinyl, one for the largest piece and a different color for all the others
-click here for a close-up of the vinyl pattern and colors
-only found in very early A kits

toolbag early A.JPG (15072 bytes) 1956 bag 1.JPG (258056 bytes) 1956 bag 2.JPG (201509 bytes) 1956 bag 3.JPG (225105 bytes)
(click for larger image)

-same as above, except color changed to pale green
-vinyl has leather grain appearance
-click here for a close-up of the vinyl texture

toolbag A.JPG (21887 bytes) a1.JPG (162425 bytes) a2.JPG (115800 bytes) a4.JPG (129495 bytes)
(click for larger image)
T5 B (up to early 1962):

-same as the A bag, except for following points:
-black leather belt
-may also be gray, or blue
-gray vinyl has a pebble pattern

toolbag A.JPG (21887 bytes) or toolbag t5 b.JPG (23503 bytes) (click for larger image)
Early T6 B (1962 only):

-same shape as T5 B, but different gray vinyl
-vinyl was lighter weight, similar grain pattern to earlier green ones, but pattern is "softer" or more delicate
-click here for close up of vinyl
-stitching is wider than earlier bags, with about 5.5 stitches per inch
-soft brown leather belt

toolbag early t6.JPG (15476 bytes) 1962 bag 2.JPG (187035 bytes) 1962 bag 3.JPG (182324 bytes) 1962 bag 4.JPG (196048 bytes) (click for larger image)
Late T6 B (late 1962):

-uses laces rather than belt
-at least 3 different versions:
-blue with white lining
-gray 2-sided vinyl (gray laces?)
-gray vinyl with gray lining (blue laces?)

The 2-sided vinyl is very similar in texture to that used on the 1956 and earlier bags (see close-up at right)

toolbag late t6.JPG (13872 bytes) (click for larger image)

-all new design, uses clips rather than belt to close
-seven pockets on one side, with three pockets plus a lugwrench pouch with snap on the other side
-inner material is same as the outer (i.e., cloth backing doesn't show as it does on A/B tool kits) due to double thickness
   -smooth black, black stitching
   -light grey, off-white stitching, similar (but not identical) grain pattern to A/B bags
   -dark grey, dark grey stitching, similar (but not identical) grain pattern to A/B bags
   -red, smooth vinyl

Copen.jpg (15220 bytes) Cclosed.jpg (7781 bytes)

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