Porsche 356 Tool Kits
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Important disclaimer: I am not an expert on 356 tools! I have collected information from multiple sources, including my own observations, and try to present it on this site in a coherent manner. There will always be variations and differences from what is presented here. This site should be considered a work in progress, and not a definitive statement on what is correct for 356 tool kits. Use this site at your own risk, and please tell me if you find errors or can contribute to the site.

Other items found in tool kits:

Spare lug nut (all)
Regular lug nut for wheel, black oxide finish.

lugnut.JPG (12163 bytes)

Spare fan belt
9.5x825 generator/fan belt - various types, many marked "Porsche"

description photo (click for larger photo) dates*
356, 356A:
Made by Continental, had a white (possibly orange as well?) label with Porsche and Continental marked on it.
White label

Is this label a different color, or has it changed from aging?

Another variety

Codes: EU, BO, RN, FB, HR. Can anyone decode these?
Late 356A?
Another type of Continental, but marked with Porsche like the Phoenix variety. Marked with "Prestretched" on the opposite side from the label

I speculate this dates from the late 1950's. Please let me know if you have more information.

Made by Phoenix, various versions of the label with Porsche and Phoenix marked on it. The label also includes what appears to be a date stamp, in a Y/MM or MM/Y format, where the year was the last digit of the year. Earlier ones did not have the "/" between the month and year.
all yellow markings
dated March 1960 (003)
March 1960

May 1961

all blue markings
dated July 1961 (07/1)
July 1961
-yellow and blue markings

-at some point, "made in Germany" was added to the label, but there doesn't appear to be a clear cut-off. The earliest belt seen with "made in Germany" is dated October 1962. The latest without is June 1963.

dated October 1962 (2/10)

dated June 1963 (3/06)

dated November 1968 (8/11) shown next to a June 1963 version

October 1962

June 1963

August 1964

December 1967

November 1968

May 1969

Later "Optibelt" brand, also labeled with "Porsche" and a Porsche part number.

* these are dates that I have observed on belts of this type. If you have other examples please let me know and I will add it to this survey.

Spare spark plug (1955-60??, unclear as to when it was included in tool kits)
Bosch W225T1, Bosch W225T7, or W240T1,  Champion L-10-S (superceded by L-7 in 1958) or L-11-S (superceded by L-5 in 1958). See the relevant service manual or driver's manual for your car to determine which one is correct.

boschplug.jpg (55899 bytes)Bosch W225T1

Bosch W225T7

Hammer (Pre-A)
300 gram wood handled hammer for who knows what purpose! It would probably do more damage than it helped...

Appear to have come from several suppliers, including Jorg (left) and Peddinghaus (right).

Jorg - appears to be the same as that applied to the screwdrivers. Note the example is the less common 2 color version.
Peddinghaus - decal states:

"bürgt für Güte
1a Ausführung
jedes Stück

Thanks to Rick Albro for taking the initiative to figure out what this means, and to Alexandra Susan Keriakedes for the translation as follows: "The performance assures each piece is examined for A1 quality". Knowing this, it would appear that the decal is a quality control sticker.

The hammer below is a currently available Peddinghaus hammer, with the handle reshaped more like an early version, and a repro decal applied.

Hubcap puller (late T6B, 1963, maybe 1962)
Looks like a small screwdriver (total length about 145mm) with a blond handle, and a 90 degree bend approximately 1 cm from the end, finished with a point. used to remove hubcaps by way of the small holes on the perimeter of the cap.

Reproduction warning: Stoddard sold repros that were distinguished by having two flat surfaces on opposite sides of the handles, rather than flutes.

hubcappuller.JPG (67867 bytes)

Sunroof screwdriver
Used on electric sunroofs in the event of motor malfunction, dead battery, etc. Stamped "Golde".

These are not necessarily tool kit items, but may have been delivered in the glovebox:

Fuses - selection (manufacturer was Pudenz)

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