Porsche 356 Tool Kits
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Important disclaimer: I am not an expert on 356 tools! I have collected information from multiple sources, including my own observations, and try to present it on this site in a coherent manner. There will always be variations and differences from what is presented here. This site should be considered a work in progress, and not a definitive statement on what is correct for 356 tool kits. Use this site at your own risk, and please tell me if you find errors or can contribute to the site.

Generator pulley wrench

Not much to say about these. There are two main varieties: one for Pre-A through B, and one for C. They are basically the same except for the finish. They fit the 36mm nut on the generator pulley.

Pre-A through B

Painted gloss black, about 5mm thick, 250mm in length.

I have observed 2 varieties of this wrench, different in the sharpness of the corners around the socket end. The earlier ones have sharper corners, the later ones are more rounded (also like the C chrome versions). The difference is shown in this picture:

The upper wrench is from a 1958 toolkit, the lower one from a 1963 toolkit. I also have a "sharp" version that i believe is original to an early B kit.

I suspect the change occurred around 1962-63

(click picture to enlarge)


Satin chrome finish, about 5mm thick, 250mm in length.

New reproductions of both types are readily available at low cost.

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